2017 Year End Survey Report Coming Soon!


The 2017 Year End State of the Ecosystem Survey is closed and we are working on the report. We plan to release the report February 16th, so stay tuned!.




Why take the survey?


The survey is relevant to anyone with a vested interest in the success of Connecticut entrepreneurs including:




Program Directors

Service Providers


Economic Development

Community Organizers



The survey questions are written by Connecticut entrepreneurs and organizations - so they are 100% relevant. At the beginning of February survey participants will receive a free report with key findings, which enable you to see how your responses compare to other entrepreneurs and organizations in Connecticut.




Get the T-Shirt!

Starting with this quarter's survey, entrepreneurs that complete the survey will receive an "Entrepreneur Goodie Bag" filled with information, discounts and giveaways specific to entrepreneurs!


This quarter's featured item is a short-sleeve Connecticut Entrepreneur t-shirt, sponsored by Sound Web Solutions!







Personalized Data

After completing the survey questions, we'll provide you with information showing how some of your responses compare with fellow entrepreneurs and organizations throughout Connecticut.


The survey is an educational experience in itself. While taking the survey, you'll gain insight and learn about new resources and services throughout Connecticut. You'll also get a free report with all the key survey findings a couple weeks after the survey finishes.

Focus On Growth

The goal of the survey is to discovery and shed light on resources and knowledge that help businesses grow, with a specific focus is on helping Connecticut startups grow revenue and jobs.


Participation in the survey, and the data it produces, is available to everyone in Connecticut working on improving our state's entrepreneurial ecosystem - which benefits us all!




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