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The entrepreneurship ecosystem refers to the elements – individuals, organizations or institutions that are conducive to, or inhibitive of, the choice of a person to become an entrepreneur, or the probabilities of his or her success following launch.


This initiative has three goals:


  1. To produce a set of reliable data on the state of the Connecticut entrepreneurial ecosystem that organizations can use to improve programs and access to resources.
  2. To gauge the effectiveness of programs and services in the state for entrepreneurs.
  3. To provide better insights to our entrepreneurs about strategies and resources that their peers are using to address challenges.


The survey has two paths; entrepreneur and organization. The entrepreneur survey can be taken by anyone starting or growing a small business in Connecticut.


The organization survey can be taken by one individual from any organization that runs programs, services or events for Connecticut entrepreneurs.


If you have a vested interest in Connecticut's people and economy this survey should interest you. There are many people and organizations working to improve Connecticut's entrepreneurial enviornment. Your participation, whether as an entrepreneur or organization, will help improve programs and services for entrepreneurs.


The survey will also provide valuable insights to entrepreneurs that will help them make better, smarter and faster decisions on things that will impact that growth of their companies.


The entrepreneur survey is 20 questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete. The organization survey is 10 questions and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.


The survey program is run by a coalition of entrepreneurial and economic development organizations based in Connecticut. The coalition will conduct the survey quarterly and it will cover the entire state.


The survey is being conducted by Sound Web Solutions, which also runs Launch EZ - a resource platform for startups in Connecticut.


The actual survey data will only be seen by Launch EZ staff - unless you specifically authorize your data to be shared with other organizations.


The compiled results and key findings will be shared with everyone that participates in the survey. However, any personally identifying information connecting a person, organization or company to survey responses will only be shared with organizations that person, organization or company explicitly approves their information be released to.


The report will include key findings from the survey and will include information about responses to questions in relation to business and demographic information provided by the participants.


The report will also contain answers to common questions as well as tips and suggestions based on the problems posed by the entrepreneurs participating the in survey.


The survey committee meets monthly. To join contact Tim Laubacher at 860 305-5690 or tim.laubacher @ launchez(dot)com


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